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Nuclear Waste? Bring That Shit... [entries|friends|calendar]
Hit the ground. Shut your mouth.

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Some music! [24 Jul 2006|07:41pm]

Check our thing!
We are Glory Dies Inside. Emotional harcore in the style of mid 90s.
Comments needed.


and join our community if you find us good

[05 Dec 2004|09:10pm]
F.U. Award

Hey, this is Shawn and this is something I didn't think I'd ever see at LitLounge.com, but during "Times Like This" (new single by the way) it calls for drastic messures.

So check this shit out. Lit's playing playing Floyd's Music Shop in Talahassee, Florida, and next door at another club there's what called a "Straight Edge Concert." A "Straight Edge Concert" is a bunch of bands that don't drink, don't eat meat, don't smoke, and they're Christians. And it's purely speculation on our part but it's a safe bet none of them have ever received a blow job from a girl or even seen a pair of tits. Now I don't know how it's humanly possible that you can even be in a band that doesn't either drink, smoke, eat meat, or fuck, but I guess there are a few "bands" that are that way. To us, if there was a Pandora's Box of Boredome that would be it, but who are we to judge? We give no fucks! We do our thing and if you want to be a in a band that wears panties and prances around like a fucking fairy and cries about the world, we won't give you shit. As Tommy Lee would say, "It's all good." We're laid back guys from Southern California who enjoy life and get along with everybody. Lit never goes out looking for trouble from anybody. However, this group of "do-gooders" decided that since we don't exactly share all their beliefs, that they took it upon themselves to express their views on our trailer and tour bus. And they decided to do that while nobody else was around and while Lit was onstage. That's right, this pussy ass band called "Remembering Never" decided to spray paint our trailer and also key "fuk you" in our tour bus. And if you're going to key a tour bus, at least be educated enough to spell "fuck" correctly. If you're going to commit to do something like that, do if fucking right! Talk about a group of people who need to be locked in a porta john, set on fire, and dropped into the deepest pits of hell. But let's take a look at what they wrote.....

Fuck you, I'm straight edge? You're straight edge, huh? You don't eat meat, you don't drink, you don't smoke and you believe in Jesus. Well hey, that's cool, whatever tunes your guitar. But where does, "I disrespect other people's property" fall into place? Where does "I'll spray paint shit that doesn't belong to me" come into play? What exactly would Jesus say to keying a million dollar bus? Seriously, how can you preach one thing and do another? You guys are as fake as a latex pocket pussy with real goat's hair added for extra 'realistic' effect. What did Lit do to "Remembering Never?"

Lit was raised on bands like Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Judas Priest, Motley Crue and shit like that. Bands that knew what rock was about! When people went to see their concerts they had a GOOD time. And it doesn't matter if you drank or not, you had a good time and enjoyed yourself. There was no drama. What a concept? No fucking doom and gloom. No fucking preaching. No fucking "we know what's right for you're life" type of bullshit. That's what rock is about. But these cowards decided that since Lit actually enjoys life, and that their fans are actually productive members of society, that they have the right to destroy personal property. And you know what....Lit doesn't even own the bus we're in. Our bus driver Marcus does! He's on the road with his bus trying to make a living and now he's got "fuk you" craved into his bus? Well, guess what, that shit ain't going to fly.

So for those of you Lit fans and friends in Houston, Texas, guess what....Remember Noballs is playing Houston this weekend! But if you can't make it to Houston, here are the rest of their dates:

12/04 Houston TX @ Walters On Washington
12/06 San Antonio TX @ White Rabbit
12/08 Phoenix AZ @ Mason Jar
12/10 Anaheim CA @ Chain Reaction
12/11 Fresno CA @ Big Game Studios
12/12 Oakland CA @ I Music Coast
12/14 Henderson NV @ Roadhose Casino
12/15 Salt Lake City UT @ Wagstaff Theatre
12/16 Denver CO @ Rock Island
12/17 Omaha NE @ Ranch Bowl
12/18 Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge
12/19 Detroit, MI @ Alvin's

So we're not saying to stop by destroy their personal property because that would be wrong, but if you'd like to "discuss" this matter with these "do-gooders" we fully encourage it. Stop by and let them know Lit says hi.

In the meantime, the very first LitLounge.com "F.U.Award" goes to "Remembering Never" Hey guys.....


By the way, the police stopped by last night and said what you guys did was a felony. Way to think it through....

We're out like "Remembering Never's" future,

Lit & Crew

PS: Quote Of The Day from guitar tech Kurlee: "If you guys would fuck once in a while, you wouldn't be so high strung."
4 Fuck off and DIE

I wouldn't normally do this but... [01 Dec 2004|10:16pm]


[01 Oct 2004|07:28pm]


join up if you are from philly. post shows and other info. trade/buy/sell merch.
2 Fuck off and DIE

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